The Bilgola Group

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The Bilgola Group

Removing workplace stress & anxiety.


The Bilgola Group

Productivity, retention & happiness.


We help business owners and managers get their time and life back, by strategic time management and structure.

What we can offer you?

Construction & Building Projects 

Offering tailor made consulting and contracting specific your business, yourself and your employees.


Business Management & Productivity


We can assist in modifying your current behaviours and your current business outlook, to turn everything around and have the business working for you.

Student Tutoring

The pressures of school life can damage students and their families. We will implement strategies to help tackle organisational skills, complete assignments with more efficiency and teach students how to manage day to day anxiety and stress and still have fun.

What our clients say

"Having John Slater working as an integral part of our team and supplying us with the mental strategies and tools that we required to grow our business. We now have more free time to spend with our young families and we cannot thank him enough for his efforts and his ongoing support."
David and Rose
Company Directors, Sydney Australia
"Nothing shy of being the most enthusiastic, energetic coach/consultant we have ever encountered. Not only has John become part of our business family, his guidelines and coaching skills one to one has not only saved my marriage but have given me the time to enjoy our first born. Without John in our corner life would be considerably different."
Richard G
Company Director and Operations Manager, Sydney Australia

Every now and then go away and have a little relaxation. To remain constantly at work will diminish your judgement. Go some distance away, because work will be perspective and a lack of harmony is readily seen.

Leonardo Da Vinci


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