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Founder of The Bilgola Group John Slater, is a Certified Management Consultant & licensed electrical contractor with over twenty nine years of experience in the construction and business industry. His career began in Sydney Australia, allowing for well-earned experience in a fast paced city of tremendous growth. Upon completing his apprenticeship and becoming a tradesman in the electrical industry, Johns expertise has moved multiple companies and directors to multi-million-dollar platforms. 

Professional credentials & strengths include:
▪ Cross-Functional Team Leadership
▪ Financial & Budget Management
▪ Human Resource Management
▪ Continuous Improvement Strategies
▪ Team Building & Mentoring
▪ Networking & Partnership Alliances
▪ Project Planning & Implementation
▪ Customer Relationship Management
▪ Project Turnarounds
▪ Strategic Planning and Forecasting
▪ Risk Minimisation & Management
▪ Technology Implementation
▪ Contract Negotiations & Management
▪ Business training and consultancy, Face to Face and group
▪ Strategic Consulting for Business Growth
▪ Time, Delegation and Work/Life Balance

Accustomed to core business principles of Finance, Project Management, Human Resources, Engineering, Technology, Operations and Logistics, Procurement and Knowledge Transfer.

Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.

If you feel that your business and/or your position within the business is holding you back from enjoying life you deserve, contact The Bilgola Group for a short free and confidential discussion. Let us see how we can improve your business and your lifestyle.

Customers reviews

What people say?

Working closely with John over the last couple of years has completely transformed my business. John’s approach is innovative and by utilising his techniques I’ve successfully increased my company’s revenues, reduced operating costs and created a far more positive culture for my employees, all while freeing up more time to spend with my family
Adam C
Managing Partner, Chimestone Partners, Hong Kong
I cannot recommend John Slater highly enough. Before using John’s services my company was in downward spiral, and I was too. Business operations were severely disorganised and I had reached a point where staff morale was rock-bottom. Our business revenues were declining and I felt like my back was to the wall. I thought my only way out was to work harder, but after a year of not seeing my family things became worse and more stressful. John’s advice and coaching changed my business, and my life. After adopting his practical tools and techniques everything feels like it is back on track.
David H
Head of Sales

We create stress for ourselves because you feel like you have to do it. YOU HAVE TO. I don’t feel that anymore.

Oprah Winfrey