The Bilgola Group

Business Efficiency Coaching


Is your company starting to stall and you can’t put your finger on the problems at hand? More than likely your issue is internal problems created by inefficient leadership of your managers and supervisors. There is an immense difference between being a manager and a leader, but you first have to be a successful manager before you can be a successful leader. This will lead the team through tough economic turmoil and through prosperous economic times.

The Bilgola Group offers efficiency coaching tailored specifically for key personal of your business from managers to supervisors.

A common question is what will you be doing and how will I benefit? Let me give you brief rundown of what we do to empower your management team. We start by speaking to all involved, one to one, and get a clear understanding of how things are done and what ‘hiccups’ often occur identifying pinch points in the business. You will be surprised how often we get told the truths of the organization. Each discussion is kept private and confidential with the purpose to retain your staff, but give them the tools to thrive.

After this we will implement and give you the procedures and tools to correct and streamline the issues with the end goal giving people back time, energy and enthusiasm for the job. With this comes greater productivity, respect, culture and profitability. 


Being a business owner, manager and supervisor is a lot like learning to swim. You are not born with these skills, they are learned. Having a company running at 100% perfection at 100% of the time rarely happens. Regular improvement is imperative to the constant change in your business and environment with regards to new personnel, business growth and technology to name a few.

With most business owners and managers being time poor and having to put out “spot fires” on a daily basis, they don’t have the time to investigate and make small and subtle changes to the business unit. That’s where The Bilgola Group’s dedicated expertise implemented into your procedures, problem locating and problem solving is second to none.

With our help you now have a person dedicated to make your business thrive and have employees, supervisors and managers that are empowered and happy to give their best to the organization which leads to true growth and success.

Time Management


The one thing that all business owners and managers have in common is that they are time poor. This comes from the constant struggle of business life, personal life and commitments, gathering bad habits along the way instead of being taught how to operate with intent and accuracy.

Being an efficient and effective business owner, leader and manager are skills that are taught. You are not born with them and at The Bilgola Group we teach and give you the key and skills to have time work for you instead of time always being against you.

We find at The Bilgola Group one common denominator in all businesses is ‘burnout’. Employee stress and anxiety forms the framework of the misuse of time and with this it forms a “soft spot” or weakness in your business and management team.

The Bilgola Group can teach you how to stop spinning your wheels, how to stop being a time waster, to become a time management expert. Giving you not only time back for yourself, but with the people that are most important to you ‘your family’.

Remember; with all of your money you can’t buy time but you can make time with or without your money just with some learnt decisions.

Contact us for a free and confidential discussion. Let us see how we can improve your business and your lifestyle.

One of the ways I think you make more money is by creating more efficiency.

Jeff Bewkes